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Monthly or Yearly PC Service Plans

Dell Home PC Services are helpful time savers and budget savers. Buy them in yearly plans or subscribe monthly for coverage you can change any time. There are lots of choices, but here are the ones we recommend the most to our customers.

Premium Support Plus

Premium Support Plus

Dell's best support plan allows you to get the most out of your PC, with the least amount of effort. From technology that predicts and fixes problems, to hands-on help with repairs, Premium Support Plus does it all with round-the-clock support for you and your PC.

Accidental Damage

The unexpected happens. Get repairs for fixes to everyday accidents like drops and spills, even electrical surges, and never pay a deductible.

Even more

There’s many other services available to make your PC experience even better. Click here to learn about one-time services for your PC.

Fix Your PC

Chat with our technical advisors to get help or start repairs now.

Warranty-Covered Tech Support

Visit our support page to submit a service request for your computer, or chat with an expert for help.

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Complete our quick online form or call us at 1-800-288-4410 and we'll get in touch with you about your computer's problem.

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Intel® Core™ Processors